Trains aren’t just for traveling from Point A to B, they also help form connections between people. At TrainTastic™, we’re working to create opportunities that ignite curiosity and passion. Here you can learn how to create and grow your own model train displays, how others might design their own, and the role trains have played in Mississippi and the U.S.

You’ll find it all at TrainTastic as you walk through the 50,000 square feet of exhibit space with interactive train displays, outdoor trains rides, and physically engaging exhibits.

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Our Areas & Exhibits

Area A: Museum Introduction

Wayfinder in Entrance

As you enter TrainTastic™, you’ll be greeted by a life-sized Pullman train car that houses a film all about model railroading, where you’ll experience the sensation of becoming “model sized”! As you exit the train, you’ll enter the first dedicated museum gallery where visitors will see a massive model train layout depicting the Gulf Coast of MS in miniature! Beyond the layout will be various hands-on exhibits that allow you to actually create a model train layout, learn about the different train sizes, or experience areas of S.T.E.M. that inspire learning more. As you move away from these exhibits, you’ll know more than you ever thought possible about model trains and why everyone at TrainTastic™ hopes you will love them too!

Area B: THE World of Model Trains

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  • Physics of model trains 
  • Hands-on scale display 
  • Different scales of models
  • Types of models
    • Exact location
    • Realistic prototype
    • Freelance
  • Powering a layout/electricity interactive
  • Interpretive graphics covering:
    • Process of creating layouts
    • Terminology
    • History and evolution of model trains

Area C: How People Use Trains

Through the main gallery and towards the climber is a series of kid-sized train cars. Each car is from a different era of railroad history and includes era-appropriate décor and props, creating an immersive timeline of how people use trains and how trains evolved over time.

Components in this area include:

  • Mail Car 
  • Gallery
  • Dining Car
  • Caboose
  • Flatbed Train Car with Crane
  • Train Safety Messages
  • Historical Interpretation
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Area D: How Trains Work

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Transitioning from Area C and located behind the Gulf Coast layout is a space dedicated to the science and engineering of trains. Here, visitors learn about the inner workings of trains and different scientific principles related to their operation.

Components in this area include:

  • Engine model with cutaway sections 
  • Bridge building challenge
  • Diagram puzzles
  • Steam vs. diesel vs. electric display
  • Train speed and stopping
  • Train safety messages
  • Gauge of real railroad tracks
  • How the whistle works

Area E: Climber

A wild tangle of ramps, nets, tunnels, slides, stairs, and railroad-themed play spaces, this one-of-a-kind climber is a major draw for both local families and visiting tourists.

Train themed décor

Riding Trains

Ramps, stairs, tunnels

Area G: Layout Interactives and Interpretation

Model layouts with simple interactives— such as sliders and push buttons— and interpretive graphics are featured throughout the museum to create a context for the models and educate guests on their importance.

Components or topics include:

  • Interpretive graphics covering:
    • History or stories behind specific models
    • I-Spy challenges
    • STEM lessons
  • Simple mounted interactives:
    • Push buttons linked to layout pieces
    • Sliders or flips to reveal information
    • Union Pacific Big Boy mural

Other Info

Our dream is to make TrainTastic the go-to destination for having fun while learning on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the world at large. We want individuals of all ages, local or tourist, train enthusiast or not, to have a comfortable place where they can appreciate all that goes into making model railways, trains, LEGOs, and more. Because, to us, trains aren’t just things that get from Point A to B: they form connections between people by igniting their passion and curiosity like coal in a steam engine! We have numerous goals for TrainTastic that we strive to achieve. We want to continue to grow the display of historical model trains. We want to expand educational opportunities to improve members’ and guests’ knowledge of modeling, model trains, and railroad history in both Mississippi and the U.S. We want to promote the Gulf Coast throughout the museum experience. Finally, we want to create the largest model railroad collection in the country and, some day, the world!

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