TrainTastic™ Receives Small Business Leadership Award 2023

Museum Honored by William Carey University and Gulf Coast Business Council. Pictured left to right: Sarah Duffey, Board Member, Dr. Carla Evers, Board Member; Glenn Mueller, Co-founder & Board President; Ron Roland, Board Member; Kim Marmalich, Board Member; Rob Mooney, Train Club Member; Cindy Minton Walker, CEO; Bryan Caldwell, Director of Education & Guest Services; Leah Watters, Board Member; Brittney Clack, Team Member; Wendy Rippee, Director of Marketing

TrainTastic™ Interactive Model Railroad Museum was recently recognized as this year’s recipient of the 501(c)(3) Small Business Leadership Award presented by William Carey University in collaboration with the Gulf Coast Business Council.

TrainTastic Museum Front Entrance

The Small Business Leadership Award, an annual accolade, is a testament to the contributions made by small businesses to the Gulf Coast economy and its societal and cultural landscapes. TrainTastic, a relatively recent addition to the region, opened its doors on June 17, 2023. Yet, it has already made strides by investing in the community’s growth, fostering new attractions and delivering educational programs that have reached the lives of many from age 0 to 100.

The 5th annual award luncheon commenced with a warm welcome from Dr. Ben Burnett, President of William Carey University, and Jamie Miller, President & CEO of the Gulf Coast Business Council. The award was presented to the dynamic duo of Richard Mueller, Jr. and Glenn Mueller, Sr., co-founders of TrainTastic, alongside CEO Cindy Minton-Walker and dedicated Train Club member Rob Mooney.

“At TrainTastic, our journey has just begun, and we are humbled and honored to receive the Small Business Leadership Award,” said TrainTastic CEO Cindy Minton-Walker. “We believe that small businesses are the heartbeat of our economy, and we are proud to be part of that narrative. TrainTastic stands as a testament to the potential of what passionate individuals can achieve.”

The presentation was followed by a keynote address from Mississippi U.S. Senator Roger Wicker and a benediction from Dr. Jimmy Steward, Pastor of First Baptist Gulfport, to conclude the event.

Senator Wicker emphasized the significance of small businesses, stating, “We’re thrilled about big manufacturing plants, but the way we create longstanding jobs in the United States is through small businesses. They are the backbone of our economy.”

A Special Thank You

The Small Business Leadership Award 2023
TrainTastic co-founders Glenn Mueller and Richard Mueller, Jr.

TrainTastic is deeply honored to receive recognition from the Gulf Coast community and prominent business leaders. The museum’s founders and board members commend their exceptional team for their unwavering dedication that has propelled TrainTastic to a remarkable start and remain on track for sustained success.

In return, the museum staff acknowledges the visionary leadership of the Mueller brothers, who share a deep passion for trains and a commitment to serving the Gulf Coast and beyond. They also extend their gratitude to Minton-Walker, whose daily mission alongside the team is to provide families with an enriching and entertaining educational experience. 

The museum looks forward to building upon this honor and continuing its mission of enriching the lives of its community through the TrainTastic world of model railroading.

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